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When making introductions to a financial adviser, it is important that professional advisers are seen to be referring clients to a firm that provides the highest quality service within an appropriate framework.

Independence is a key factor. In order to ensure that your clients are receiving objective, whole of market advice they should be referred to an independent financial adviser firm that can advise on the entire range of products and services available.

In today’s ever-changing investment industry, there are many different types of adviser to choose from. Some are tied to one or more investment companies and can only advise on those schemes. Other advisers are restricted in that they only provide advice in one area although they may be able to research the whole market in that area e.g. pension and retirement planning.

The independent financial adviser is able to provide advice, which is unbiased and unrestricted, and based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the relevant market. Genuinely independent financial advice is free from any restrictions that could affect the ability to recommend whatever is best for the client.

Tarvos Wealth feels that lawyers and accountants will only feel comfortable referring their clients to independent financial advisers where the clients’ best interests are at the heart of the advice provided.