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Tarvos Wealth are independent which means we can:

Advise on all areas on retail investments; and recommend any investment across the whole market i.e. we are not tied to any one or more providers when making a recommendation.

We have an experienced and highly qualified investment team at Tarvos Wealth. Our team have worked hard to maintain a broad range of investment solutions to me our client’s requirements. Everyone has different objectives, priorities and attitudes towards investments and with such a wide universe of products and investments to choose from, we, at Tarvos Wealth, feel that outsourcing investment management provides the best outcomes for our clients.

Our investment solutions provide discretionary services, which mean that clients’ portfolios are managed actively on daily basis, in accordance with an agreed mandate (set of aims and criteria). This is particularly beneficial in the current climate of uncertainty. Our portfolios are regularly reviewed by the selected investment managers, who can make decisions in clients’ best interest according to the mandate.

The benefit of this is that for all clients, whether in bespoke portfolios or our core Tarvos portfolios will provide broadly diversified, well managed portfolios which manage to dampen the risk of capital lost as a result of volatility in the markets.

We are delighted to have teamed up with Square Mile Investment Services Limited, based in the City to provide our core investment management services. Click here for more information about Square Mile.

Where the Tarvos range of portfolio strategies are not suitable, we are able to provide bespoke portfolios from a panel of carefully selected discretionary investment management firms that we have spent a great deal of time researching.

All of our investment solutions are monitored on an ongoing basis as part of our central due diligence process and this includes assessing performance, service and their underlying processes.