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Building up a business isn’t easy, it takes great dedication and belief in what you are doing, not to speak of the long hours, financial worry and physical strain it can cause. However, those who are successful in their chosen path of running their own small, medium or large enterprise are generally very proud of their achievements and have a desire to ensure that the business continues to go from strength to strength.

While dealing with the day to day running of a business it is easy to forget how vulnerable the business might be. It can be difficult to see things objectively when you are so close to something and you may not realise what planning opportunities you are missing out on or risks you are taking. As a business owner or director you are an important asset with many important responsibilities. You should consider sitting down with an independent financial planner, who can help you understand the key areas of your business that may be at risk or benefit from better investment opportunities.

Tarvos Wealth have been providing independent financial advice to businesses in Kent for many years. The typical areas we advise on are:

Keyperson Protection – this provides a lump sum or income to the business in the event that a key individual dies or suffers severe ill health.

Shareholder or Partnership Protection – this provides peace of mind that the surviving partners or directors have the wherewithal to purchase the shares of a shareholder in the event of that shareholder’s death.

Protection for Business Debts – this makes sure that the Firm can repay the business loans or overdraft in the event of a partner’s or director’s death

Income Protection – ensure that the company can afford to pay key personnel in the case of long term illness or disability.

  • Valuable protection solutions
  • Comprehensive company pension planning & Auto-enrolment
  • Corporate tax efficient investment strategies