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Tarvos Wealth provides Independent Financial Advice to professionals such as lawyers and accountants, and their clients.

Between them the two main advisors within Tarvos Wealth have over 30 years’ experience working directly with lawyers. They have developed their skills within a professional environment and understand the importance of the relationship between advisor and client. Tarvos Wealth has a number of areas of specialism which dovetail with legal and accountancy advice and can add real value to professional client relationships, meeting clients’ needs both now and in the future.

As a result of the Legal Services Act 2007, lawyers are now competing with retailers and non-legal professionals for business. Tarvos Wealth believes that solicitors will need to provide a comprehensive service to their clients thereby securing their role as trusted advisers. Lawyers should be including access to Independent Financial Advice within their scope of services, as many legal issues can be further enhanced by taking appropriate financial advice.

Professionals will want to be sure that they are giving their clients the best possible service by ensuring that they receive independent advice where necessary. By introducing Tarvos Wealth to their clients, they will reduce the risk of disappointing clients because they have unsuitable arrangements in place because they did not seek proper advice in the first place.

Tarvos Wealth’s client engagement document provides information about our service and details about how we charge fee’s.

  • Helping you to meet your clients’ needs
  • Working in partnership with you
  • Maintaining client relationships for the future