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Professional Financial Centres are a network of independent financial advisers working predominantly with by law firms and/ or accountancy practices and dedicated to providing a specialist service to those professional firms, which are not themselves authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide such advice.What stands Professional Financial Centres apart from other financial services firms is that their professional credentials enable them to understand and respond to the needs and cultural standards of the professions. In addition, they operate strict quality control standards, which ensure that clients’ interests are protected and that professional advisers are kept informed.Using the Professional Financial Centre (Kent) under Tarvos Wealth, professional advisers can be sure that their ongoing relationships continue through the regular service that Tarvos Wealth provides. They understand that much legal work is transactional and professional firms (particularly lawyers) may not have regular contact with clients and cannot be sure that they will return to them for any future advice needs. As their independent financial adviser, Tarvos Wealth would be able to identify any legal requirements and refer them back to the solicitor or accountant, ensuring that they receive the right advice when they need it.