Covid – 19 and financial advice

The financial impact of the corona virus crisis has been huge for many people and for others the uncertainty is unbearable. The majority of our clients rely on us to guide them through these difficult times. Sometimes it is just calming the nerves of worried investors, at other times it could be looking at how to reconstruct retirement income in a time of great volatility. They already realise that we are still there for them. However, we are also available to speak to any of the clients of our professional connections, who need financial advice during these difficult times. We realise that you are still trying to operate your businesses and we are there to support you wherever we can and hopefully being able to access sound financial advice to your clients is an added value they will appreciate.
Many of our staff are still working remotely from home, although we will always maintain a presence at our office in the middle of Canterbury. At all times we expect to have at least one adviser in the office to deal with any immediate enquiries.

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Please take a moment to browse our latest Bulletin. This contains articles on several of the key areas on which we advise such as pensions and divorce, funding for long term care and using pensions to purchase commercial property.

These articles are all written by our own advisers and are based on our many combined years of experience advising clients and other professionals. If you would like to receive future Bulletins please contact us either through this website or directly.

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Who we are…

Based in the heart of Canterbury, we have spent the last 24 years supporting individuals, businesses and professionals with truly independent financial advice.

Our team spend time with you, understanding your financial objectives, matching what you need with the services we offer and always providing honest, unbiased advice. 

We appreciate that the world of financial services, pensions, and investments can sometimes be confusing but, when tackled effectively and professionally, yield huge benefits. Our years of experience allows us to guide you through the numerous options available, safe in the knowledge we have your best interests at heart

Every single client is different, if you would like to discuss how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Tarvos Wealth Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

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