Retirement Funding

Funding for retirement is a major concern for many people. Many employer pension schemes are no longer providing the guarantees they used to and the responsibility for providing for our own retirement now firmly lays with ourselves. Apart from the vast range of products on the market aimed at retirement pension funding, the legislation attached to pensions is hugely complicated and constantly changing. There has never been greater need for advice in this area.

It is often the case that people collect a number of pensions throughout their working life and very rarely review them to ensure they continue to be appropriate both in terms of the pension policy and the underlying investment funds.  As you are likely to depend upon your pension income to supplement any state pension and/or benefits, it is extremely important that your pension plans are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are performing as expected, and you are aware of any changes that may need to be made in order to meet your expectations in retirement.

We are able to provide advice on personal pensions (old and new) as well as Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs). Remember, a pension is merely a tax wrapper. Your money is invested into funds designed to provide the growth needed to eventually provide you with your retirement income.

For those approaching retirement, it is important to think and plan carefully for what expenditure you will have in retirement and how you will generate the income to meet this need.  There are so many ways to do this now, that it may be easy to miss something that will benefit your particular circumstances.  Our comprehensive Retirement Income Planning Service will take you through a process designed to consider all aspects of your financial needs in retirement and put in place a clear plan.  This gives our clients confidence and peace of mind that they know what they can expect and there is professional support in terms of keeping the plan under review. That leaves them free to enjoy this very special time of life.

There is further information below on various aspects of retirement planning and any of our advisers will be pleased to discuss our service in more detail.

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